This product, does not include business fees and licensing,

but what it does guarantee is backing from GFI and consultation for a solid year on how to start and succesfully run a business. 


This package includes 

1. Unlimited business consultations for one year

2. Social Media Audits 

3. Adminstrative start up for five months. (Additional Adminstrative Pricing can be purchased as an add on package.) 

4. A isolated marketing page on GFI 

5. 20 social media advertisments and call outs on the GFI website 

6. Podcast start up and introduction to that world. 

7. 8 crash courses in Human Resources, Administration, Marketing, Social Media, PR Management , Cold-Calling, Networking aqnd Branding 

8.  Social Media initial start up (Additional social media can be added as an add on package.)

9. a 12 piece clothing line in which your business has control and rights to the graphics and apparel. 

Business Brand and Upscale for 1 Year